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Who am I...?  

Depends on who you are I suppose.


script: noun, handwriting as distinct from print; written characters; (computing) a small program written for a command interpreter or another scripting language; (artificial intelligence), a structure for representing procedural knowledge; (behavioral psychology) a sequence of expected behaviors;

sensei: noun, (in martial arts) a teacher.

Welcome to scriptsensei.com, the ultimate showcase of all of my photography. Many of you have followed me on my journeys as an artistic nude photographer on DeviantArt and the various social media sites. Thank you for following me here.

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About Me

Photography and Multimedia
  • Artistic Nude and Erotic Photographer
  • 20 + years of experience in all formats of photography
  • HD Video Production
Information Systems Security
  • Formerly a Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Applied Information Technology degree from ITI
  • No longer interested in contracts or employment in this field
Residential Care Facilities for Psychiatric Patients
  • Owner and administrator of Gage Park Lodge and Brock Lodge
  • 12 + years of experience
  • Specialize in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Ninja/Assassination Squad Services
  • Merciless, silent, invisible
  • Voted 'Most Efficient' by the Professional Assassin's Guild
  • 100% success record
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